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TH9 base ? If you are looking for TH9 you are in the right place! We share with you our best Th9 base to use in GDC , bases tested several times and resist very well. Then as you know there is no TH9 base that resist all kinds of attacks. But what we offer you has already been tried and the results are very positive! We also offer the best Clash of Clans accounts, secured by us and under warranty.

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First of all, don’t rush! Remember that every move to the next Tawn Hall decreases your farming ratio against the same level Town hall. So you will take less resources from TH8 or TH7 once you are TH9.

The TH9 is one the best TH (Tower Hall) players prefer. Here you can see the Arc X defenses and the famous Queen of Archers. This is when we have the AQH and many other compos. TH9 is the base, the first step to have fun and go far. Some people still have trouble making 3 stars or simply choosing good villages.

When you arrive TH9 you will have needs in black elixir, very important: The arrival of the queen and the most important black troops but spreading the factory of the black spells. So remember to maximize your king to level 10 in order to dedicate the black elixir to these new defenses/troops. 

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