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Base TH6 ! Having an TH6 base means that you are starting Clash of Clans, it is one of the smallest Tower Hall of Clash of Clans. The TH6 base does not require much time to be max. If you are an active (daily) player you can max it in less than a month. Like Clash of Clans and find the improvements too slow? Go to our shop. Buy an account Clash of Clans. 

Building a th6 base

Building a TH6 village is not at all difficult, it takes you up to an hour! We are not going to lie to each other, on the base TH6 we do not have many buildings and defences. You have to learn how to put your defenses to the maximum, but it can be earned over time. The only thing that can really annoy you is the duration of improvement: 24 hours to be able to test your village is Clan War of challenges. For this I advise you to use private servers to test your TH6 databases.

It’s hard to have an town hall 6 ?

Having an Tawn hall H6 , yes it is difficult. We cannot hide that the most active clans, which make you want to play and allow you to improve quickly, recruits from town hall 10 minimum. That’s why we offer you the possibility of having the minimum in our Bimpoo Shop. But it  doesn’t matter because, as said above, going from a TH5 base to a TH6 base is really fast. You’ll have a bit of a way to do in TH6, some stay longer at this level to better experiment.

Attack a TH6 base

There are not many compos, nor troops to test on the TH6 village. It’s really basic. We unlock the healer and chain the giant witch-healer compound. To add a little touch, take max pigs in your clan castle, you go shave easily. After If you’re in a clan that doesn’t have max pigs or max troops, it’s a little hard to make 3 stars! Also the composition balloon is effective on the base TH6. The only worry is the castle of clans. In TH6 you don’t have a poison spell so you have to get out the clan castle before you start your attack otherwise it will completely fail your attack.

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