TH11 base : best bases with a links

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Village HDV11 est la meilleurs rentrer pour participer au league.

 We propose you Th11 base, known or little known. Villages for clan war, for  league, farm or even rush. We also offer the best Clash of Clans accounts, secured by us and under warranty.

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Th11 base

The famous Th11 base marks the beginning of the great defences like the eagle. It is the door the higher Town hall. It allows you to train so that later on you participate in the big leagues and that your attacks on the higher Town hall in clan warfare or e-sport or even in clan league and that you manage the attacks better. That’s why it’s so important to spend your time in TH11.

Creating a balanced TH11 base is not given to everyone. The Town hall 11 are not very hard to build, but many players have difficulty putting them 3 stars. A village TH11 or any other village, If the attacker opposite is gifted, your village will not hold. We always find talented players especially if we enter tournaments.

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