Th10 base: Fanny bases with a links

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Th10 war bases Th10 war and cwl bases

If you play Clash of Clans you probably know the famous TH10. Building its TH10 base is not far from easy! It takes a long time and requires perseverance. You have to try a lot of combinations for your base. You can have TH10 bases that hold up well against the TH10 compos terrestrial but not aerial! That’s why you always have to try to balance your village on all types of attacks. 

I propose to you some TH10 bases that you can copy directly from the link on the Clash of Clans server.

Having a good TH10 base is not enough !

Having a great base is good, but don’t forget that if you don’t maximize your defenses, even if you have the best TH10 base, you’re going to be 3 stars! Or a large pourcentage.

The max defences play a very important role in the protection of the base. If you are not yet max and want to improve your TH10 base in TH11, I recommend you to think for a moment about what you really want to do in the game.

If you want to wait a little more on your TH10 base and make good wars, league of clans, make a nice rush, have a profile that makes all clans dream or rush you and have a premature base ?

And you will take 3 stars even with the best TH10 base.

Maximize your Th10 base

Before thinking about wars and clan league! You have to think about protecting the resources of your Th10 base! Because that’s what’s going to make you better.

It is necessary to lose the minimum of resources (gold and elixir black or pink), that is the goal of the farm bases in TH10.

We offer you another TH10 base to help you improve your defense. If you have already made the mistake of improving your Th9 base without maxing it in Th10 do not panic.

The Clash of Clans team thought of you and put the potions to improve the heroes and the troops, so it’s already a good advantage.

You can still participate in the Clan Wars and you can also farm without any difficulties.

Avoid the rush if you are premature! Farm your defense in priority in the small league (gold league and crystal preferably).

Indeed the TH 10 bases will not do too much if you are not max, but do not get discouraged, you can always try bases TH10 farm. Land in TH10 and do not improve your Town hall until everything is max!


First of all, let’s talk about farm bases, what is a farm base?

It is a kind of base that is built specifically to protect resources, that is to say reserves and so on.

The resources are behind the walls, it prevents opponents who farm as a goblin or barbarian/archer to have access to your resources easily.

There is also the type of farm village that is mainly made to protect the black elixir because we know that it is one of the resources that players have trouble having! And on this kind of base TH10 often the black tank is well centered.

After you have TH10 anti 2 star bases, this is the kind of village or Town hall and well centered.

Often this kind of base turns the troops!

Which means the troops are coming all the way from the village without being able to destroy the town hall.

Often it fails by making a single star.

Th10 bases without link

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Pour éviter tout problème!

Gardez votre jeu Clash of Clans ouvert en arrière-plan pour pouvoir copier la base hdv10 facilement et éviter les bugs.